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Yesooo is a company that was created in 2020 by Pier Paolo SERNA, who is a young Italo-Cameroonian. 

Having lived 18 years in Cameroon , he has observed that nowadays a lot of talents in Africa are not shown to the general public and are not remunerated at their fair value.

The first idea of this company is therefore to promote African art thanks to various artists from Africa and the African diaspora, a with which Yesooo has partnered

Yesoo wants to imbue everyone's daily life with African culture by highlighting the best masterpieces created by young artists from the Cradle of Humanity


Arthur Ella – Minga

The World

Arthur Ella – The World

By using the different everyday objects, Yesoo wants to promote African beauty through mugs, gourds, tote bags, etc ...

But Yesoo is not limited to figurative elements! It is also a question of music, cinema, culinary, etc…. in short everything that is centered on African culture.

Yesooo wants to offer a platform for all entrepreneurs, companies, artists, etc ... who want to highlight African culture.

In addition, a playlist will be updated regularly to vary the artists



– Valoriser les cultures et les beautés africaines dans tous ses aspects (illustrations, musiques, nourriture, etc…)

 -Mettre en avant les artistes Yesooo avec une juste rémunération

– Donner la possibilité à la diaspora africaine de consommer des produits de chez eux

– Mettre en valeur les cultures africaines auprès des autres peuples

- Make African products a pride

– Develop Africa

By visiting the site we want you to feel at home!

Why doing it? Because it's you and your happiness!

All is said! Now go find your happiness!

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